Our Vehicle

L300 Van

OK so it wasn't on our shortlist, but we've finally found our vehicle thanks to a two absolute gents in Co. Armagh. It's a 1996 Mitsubishi L300 van. We hope it's the type of vehicle that will be most useful or valuable in Mongolia (and for the gruelling trip.)

The Final Choice - Mitsubishi L300  
After cleaning out 14 years of working-van grime, the work begins to turn the van into something we can live in for a month. First step is some hardboard paneling with insulation behind to keep us warm in the Altai Mountains. Pimp my ride
  Pimp my ride!
Sleeping platform being added to the van

The work continues to make the van habitable for a month. A platform for sleeping on is being added with room underneath for storage of jerry cans, spares and the clothes and beddding for the orphanages.

Adding a sleeping platform  
The van gets the red carpet treatment. van with carpet
Van's signwriting

The signwriting stickers arrived from Webstickers and they look great!

The Signwriting  


The van on display outside our highly successful fundraising evening in Hillsborough. We kitted the vehicle out with some of the kit we'll bring. It's looking crowded cozy in there already! Van in Hillsborough at our fund raising event
Fitting a home-made sump guard

Update, 27 June 2010: As well as the new water pump and timing belts fitted by Angelo at Fifth Gear Autos, I've now changed the oil, oil, air and fuel filters and fitted a new power steering belt.

Next up is a sump guard made from 20mm thick plywood to protect the bottom of the engine from rocks etc on the unpaved parts of the journey.

Fitting a sump guard  


A few makes and models on our shortlist were Toyota Liteace/Hiace, Nissan Vanette/Cargo/Delivery, LDV Pilot/Cub. We're happy with our current vehicle, but we'd still love to hear from you if you've a van you'd like to donate!

Nissan Vanette Hiace LDV Pilot
Nissan Vanette Toyota Hiace LDV Pilot